Well, I did the pizza cookout.
I can say that EVERYTHING went absolutely wrong and awesomely right on the same cook.

6 out of 7 pizzas were awesome. All would beat a taste test with a DiGorno.

having said that. everything went very wrong. I have a lot to learn about smoking pizzas. First lesson, if you don't have a pizza slide (the big wooden spatula), a stone is extremely difficult to use.

I made 3 batches of dough this morning using bread machine yeast. that allowed me to let it rise in 6 hours. That was enough dough for 6 pizzas. I made my own pizza sauce. that came out great. I sautéed some mushrooms, chopped up onion, basil leaves and tomatoes. I had a lot of extra toppings, but first I was only worried about getting the cooking process figured out.

the first pizza (first pic) was store bought dough, the rest was my dough. I topped everything with sauce, mozzarella, onion, mushrooms, basil and pepperoni. I planned to just use those toppings until I figured this out and concentrate on how to cook them at first. I never got it figured out, so they all were the same. that wasn't a problem cause they were good.

the kitchen work all went fine except the pizzas were stuck to the pizza pan.
I fired up the UDS. put the charcoal up high. I had a full basket of fully lit Kingsford and I never went over 500F. I may need more than four 3/4" intakes. I heated up the stone, took off the lid and then spent 2 mins with the lid off trying to get the dough off of the pizza pan and on the stone. I gave up and slapped the pan on the stone and let her rip. it took over 15 minutes (maybe 20) to cook it. the pan warped but it all worked. I moved the coals to the Weber and let it heat up as I went in and thought about how to get the pizza off the pan. I put some EVOO on the pan and oiled up 2 big BBQ spatulas. that was just barely better. I got that in the Weber and went in and zapped out pizza #4. I came back out and #3 was under done on top and burnt black on the bottom. the dog got that one after it cooled off. she seemed to think it was good, so no real loss there. pizza #4 I kept in the pan and threw it on the stone in the Weber. that one worked OK. I dumped the coals back in the UDS and tried to get the heat up. this time it wouldn't come up over 450. I cooked a good pizza on the stone. I put pizza #6 and 7 in CI and put them together in the UDS and let em fly. those were the best.

I started this, thinking this would be a simple cook and I made 6 great pizzas but I feel I botched the whole thing. I can't get the required temp for cooking on the stone. My (clay?) $8, 15" stones may be junk. I don't know enough to say either way.
I am considering making 2 more UDS's that are dedicated pizza cookers with a pizza hole in the side and the proper basket and air flow to do this right.

feel free to pick on me. I deserve it and I need to learn a lot more before I attempt to play with stones again. I will stick to CI pizzas until I am more prepared.