DiGorno personal pan smoked pizza!

Well I needed meat, so I thawed out a little pork from my butchered hog and dropped it on Saturday night

I went with apple wood and RO lump. can't forget to mention the heathy dose of "Big Ron's Hint of Houston"

this is what I woke up to. gave it a spritz before Church

and then I had some pizza meat!!

I fired the UDS back up with my grillin basket

pre grilled the peppers and shrooms

This time I tried the little pizzas and changed the cheese (I'm sticking with the big pizzas after this)

started with PP and onions

I later added the peppers and shrooms

then cheese and maters

then cheese and onions

these tasted better than the first one because of the extra fillins and less cheese. I will stick with large pizzas and use this version next time. I like chewy deep dish pizzas over thin crispy ones so this suits my taste more than doing it from scratch but I will perfect the other way too.

well, I didn't use all the meat... can't let a good thing go to waste!! (with "Big Ron's BBQ sauce")