OK, I have a native Texan staying at the house for 4 days!

She grew up in the Tex-Mex environment of San Antonio and in the heart of Texan BBQ, in Austin!
I had to pull together an awesome dish to match those expectations up here in IL.
I thought about it and decided to cook my first packer brisket from Sam's.
I got a 15 pounder and seasoned it for 24hrs using BlueDog's 333 method (1/3rd cup salt then pepper and garlic powder).

Then, after 24 hours, I washed off the 333 and covered it in Big Ron's HOH and Worchester.

(The reason I removed the 333 rub was because I saw that it was brining the meat. The brining tenderized the meat and the Big Ron's rub, gave it some kick)

I fired up the UDS with red bag (USA) Royal Oak lump and mesquite chunks and let er rip. it cooked for 12 hours as we slept. The maverick woke me up 3 times to tend to temp issues and foiling at 167F.

And into the cooler

2.5 hours later (in cooler)

My super sharp (BBQ Pit Boys) "Old Hickory" knife kicked butt. I just pressed it down thru the meat and she sliced like buddah

And now for the scary part. How does it stand up to a native Texan who's first food was refried beans and who eats Austin BBQ regularly????

Thanks Big Ron!!

Guess what my grand daughter and I had for breakfast?!?