About 10 years ago, my brother took me to a pizza place in Detroit that cooks a pizza, then adds another layer and cooks it again, making a super thick pizza. I decided to try that method and see what happens.
I started with a DiGorno 4 cheese pizza

I used the recycled lump/coals from my ash can (that gives it a campfire smell) and added some mesquite chunks

I added sliced japs

rib meat from my rib cookout last weekend.

then dropped it in the UDS.

When the cheese melted, I added tomato and onion slices

when that cooked a little and added more cheese. when that melted, I added more rib meat and tomatoes

and then more cheese...

Just half of this pizza filled 3 people and later that night I saw my wife sniffing the inside of the Ziploc that held the leftovers, with her eyes rolled and moaning. This was a hit and I will play with this more in the future.