A central Illinois BBQ team that's smokin' with more than a little Tex/Mex mixed in.

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"Serious-BBQ" is not only our name. It's a goal. An attitude.
A destination worthy of working to achieve. It's not about mass producing food for 200. It's about holding to the standards that you have when you take your time and cook for 4 people and creating the same quality when serving  as many as 50 to 75 people. Large cookers are mostly wood burners. There is something about cooking over charcoal that you lose when you fire up a stick burner. (There are a few expensive exceptions to that, but that is mostly the case).

Bringing southern BBQ to the Effingham, IL area.

Serious, Mouth watering, Lip smackin BBQ!!



two one seven-273-7087

(This is a competition BBQ team. We are not caterers. We are not a licensed vendor and are not insured to sell or serve food. 
We can offer BBQ lessons and may help YOU cook YOUR food for a group, but we can't legally sell food for profit)